Department of Health and Human Services

Patient Network

Bringing Your Voice to Drug and Device Approval and Safety

About Us

We are the Patient Network, a part of the FDA. We work to bring the unique perspective of patients, family members, caregivers, and patient advocates to the decision-making processes of the FDA. Through the Patient Network, you can learn more about FDA and how it works, where you can provide input in decisions about new or current medical products, and talk with FDA experts about issues and concerns that are important to you.

What We Do

The FDA Patient Network works to help patients, patient advocates, and their health professionals connect with FDA.

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FDA Advisory Committees

When a scientific, technical, or policy question arises, FDA often relies on Advisory Committees to provide independent advice.

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FDA Initiatives

We are working to make our information easier for you to understand and speeding up the drug and device approval process so that you can access the treatments you need.

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