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Bringing Your Voice to Drug and Device Approval and Safety

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We are working with you to bring the patient advocate's perspective into the review of new drugs to treat cancer and HIV/AIDS. We meet with organized patient advocacy groups to hear their concerns about drug development and to assist them in understanding the FDA drug regulatory process. We also take calls from you to answer your questions about clinical trials and drug development.

Labels and other approval information for FDA-approved drug products can be found at Drugs@FDA, FDA's drug database.

Information about symptoms, causes, treatment, and prevention for over 900 diseases, illnesses, health conditions and wellness issues can be found on MedlinePlus on the National Institutes of Health's Web site.

FDA and Cardiovascular Disease

FDA-regulated medications and devices are among the most common methods used to manage cardiovascular disease.

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FDA and Cancer Treatment

Find out more about new cancer-related drug approvals, and learn what FDA is doing to bring the patient perspective into the review of new drugs to treat or prevent cancer.

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FDA and Diabetes

Diabetes is the seventh leading cause of death and the number one cause of preventable blindness in the United States.

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FDA and Hepatitis B and C

Late breaking information, as well as an archival record of updates on safety and regulatory issues related to Hepatitis B and C

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Learn more about FDA's review and oversight of drugs, biologics and medical devices for the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of HIV/AIDS and our work to increase access to drugs across the globe.

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FDA and Pregnancy

Having a baby can be a joyous time.The FDA has lots of resources to help you make good choices about the medicines, foods, and other products that are safe for you and your baby.

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