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Patient Network

Bringing Your Voice to Drug and Device Approval and Safety

Selected applicants receive training to ensure that they are comfortable in their new role.


Over the past 20 years, Patient Representatives from across the United States have provided their voices to FDA.


About the Patient Representative Program

We are committed to making more opportunities for patients to participate in FDA decision-making. Our Patient Representative Program brings the patient voice to the discussions about new and already approved drugs and devices and policy questions.

Role of the FDA Patient Representative

Woman at meetingPatient Representatives provide FDA with the unique perspective of patients and family members affected by a serious or life-threatening disease. As an FDA Patient Representative, you MAY serve in one or more ways. Even if you are selected as a Patient Representative it is possible you will not serve at all. Some of the ways a Patient Representative may serve are:

  • On Advisory Committees, where you will offer the patient perspective, ask questions, and give comments to assist the committee in making recommendations
  • As a consultant for the review divisions (doctors and scientists who review data to determine whether the medical product's benefits outweigh the potential risks)
  • As presenters at FDA meetings and workshops on disease-specific or regulatory and health policy issues